Welcome to the PPP Risk Management Webinar Series Page!

This series is a modified version of the full-length recorded webinar and is broken down into 8 short webinars. To obtain the risk management professional liability premium discount and full CE Credits, all 8 webinars are to be completed in their entirety.

Please review these instructions prior to and during your completion of the course

Helpful Tips:

   - Webinars can be completed in any order.
   - Please note the completion time for each webinar. Once you begin a webinar, it must be viewed in one sitting as there is no save
      or pause option.
   - You will need to provide your PPP policy number and AGD number (if applicable) when registering for each webinar.
   - Upon registering, the webinar will begin immediately. If you are not ready to complete the webinar at the time of registration, you
      will receive an email containing a link for you to access the webinar at your convenience.

Webinar Series Titles and Links:

   3rd Molar Surgical Extraction Module #1
   Malpractice vs. Negligence Module #2
   Documentation and Consent to Treat Module #3
   Patient Discharge, Refunds and Informed Refusal Module #4
   Foreign Body Injury Module #5
   Cultivating the Positive Patient Experience Module #6
   Lidocaine Toxicity Module #7
   Oral Cancer Module #8

Upon completion of all 8 webinars in the series, please download the Confirmation of Attendance form attached in any of the webinars
and email the completed form to Ashley Lacourse at [email protected]