The First Comprehensive
Insurance Program for Dentists

In 1969, The Professional Protector Plan® for Dentists (PPP) was created by the Brown & Brown Professional Programs Division in Tampa, Florida through the collaboration of malpractice insurance specialists and dental professionals. The idea behind the PPP was to create one insurance policy to meet the needs of a dental practice, eliminating the inconvenience for a dentist to seek out multiple policies and agents.

With Brown & Brown serving as the Program Administrator of the PPP, we select an insurance carrier based on their financial strength, risk management services, and claims handling to be the risk bearer of the program. Additionally, Brown & Brown appoints agents across the country to operate as exclusive PPP State Administrators in their designated states. These agents are selected based on their region, involvement within the dental community, and their proficiency in the complex field of professional liability insurance. Many of the PPP State Administrators that work with us today have been appointed with the PPP since its inception in 1969.

Through the years, the PPP has evolved into a comprehensive insurance program, providing insurance protection for every facet of the dental office.