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Integrated Professional Liability Insurance Program

Get the Best Insurance Coverage For Dentists

We are a fully integrated insurance program for dentists with many components to help you manage the risks associated with your profession. We’ve listed the different coverages and products we offer to help you find what best meets the needs of your dental practice.

Stand-alone Professional Liability

Claims-made and Occurrence

Professional Liability and General Liability

Complete Package Policy, which includes:

Professional Liability

General Liability

Property Coverage

General Liability and Property Coverage

It can take years for a Professional Liability claim to arise, and even longer to resolve it. A client needs to know the insurer will be there. Rated “A” excellent by A.M. Best AAIC offers extraordinary financial staying power, the financial strength that allows the program to remain available, even-through the constantly changing market conditions.

The PPP’s Consent to Settle clause puts you in the driver’s seat. We will not settle any claim without your consent, a feature that is not offered by every carrier. This insurance coverage is a must for any dentist in that they can be held liable for actions of employees, independent contractors, employed dentists and even specialists to whom they refer patients. Vicarious Liability coverage is specifically included in the PPP policy language for all these exposures. This insurance coverage pays the fees, costs and expenses to defend you against state regulatory action promoted by an otherwise covered injury or damage. Defense costs are covered up to your professional liability limits.