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Excess & Surplus

Liability Excess and Surplus (E&S) Insurance Program

The PPP Excess & Surplus (E & S) Insurance Program is specifically designed for dental professionals who are unable to obtain liability insurance through a standard lines carrier.

Available Limits

  • Limits vary from $100,000 per claim $300,000 aggregate to $1 Million per claim $3 Million aggregate
  • Minimum per claim deductible not required

Coverage Offered

  • No cap on number of dentists within a group
  • World-wide coverage*
  • Claims-made coverage
  • No consent to settle
  • Expense within the limits of liability
  • Corporate/entity coverage only to the extent of named insured’s liability and on a shared limit basis
  • Twelve-month extended reporting period (ERP) option
  • No flat cancellation and 25% minimum earned premium
  • *Worldwide coverage applies as long as claim is made and suit is brought in the US, US Territories & Possessions, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands or Canada.

Submission Requirements

  • Fully complete, signed and dated application.
  • Other carrier’s applications acceptable for premium indication. An application is required if indication is accepted. The application must be received prior to binding.
  • A copy of applicant’s current business letterhead: If not available, a letter of explanation is required. A copy of a billing statement or voided prescription sheet is acceptable.
  • Complete claim data (past 10 years), including those claims that are closed without payment, pending or paid.
  • The Supplemental Claim Information Form must be completed for each claim or incident which has occurred.
  • Copy of applicant’s current declaration page.
  • Board transcripts must accompany any submission where the dentist has been the subject of a board inquiry. Compliance with any board stipulations must also be submitted. Indications will not be provided without this information.
  • Applicants with any impairments must submit a treating physician statement. Premium indication will not be provided without a statement. This statement must be updated each year at renewal.
  • License Verification – All applicants must have their license checked annually for board actions and active status. License action can be obtained via Internet or telephone call to the board.
  • Evidence of Insurance for all dentists who the applicant shares space with, all non-insured independent contractors and/or employee dentists. Certificates showing policies, which have expired, are not acceptable.
  • Oral Surgeons Questionnaire (must be completed by all oral surgeon applicants).
  • Insurance History – Any applicant who indicates he has practiced without insurance, had professional liability insurance refused, cancelled or non-renewed, must provide details including the dates and reason.