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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance  for Dental Students


Liablity Insurance While in Dental Training

When you perform clinical services and take your dental board exams, you need to protect yourself financially from a potential loss.

How much is the premium?

The annual insurance premium is $25, which provides protection for both your dental training and board exams during the policy year.

Who is covered?

Undergraduate and postgraduate dental students enrolled in dental school are eligible for the Professional Protector Plan for Students. Licensed dentists enrolled in a residency program are eligible for coverage under the Professional Protector Plan for Dentists.

What are the policy limits?

In most states you will be protected against professional liability losses for claims incurred up to $1,000,000 per claim subject to a total of $3,000,000 for all claims incurred during the policy period.

Insurance For your dental training & dental board exams

We’ll cover you for your legal obligations arising from the professional services you perform or fail to perform during your dental training and from the services you render during your state or regional board exams.

Regional Board Exam Insurance Coverage

The Professional Protector Plan will provide professional liability insurance at no additional charge to the candidates taking any of the following five Regional Board Exams.

  • Western Regional Testing Board (WREB)
  • North East Regional Board (NERB)
  • Southern Regional Testing Agency (SRTA)
  • Council of Interstate Testing Agencies (CITA)


To take advantage of this offer, candidates must complete the dental candidate application that is included in the regional examining board’s registration packet. The application must be returned to the regional testing service along with the registration form.