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Advisory Board

Advisory Boards


The PPP has two active advisory boards: the National Advisory Board and the State Administrator Advisory Board. Each serves an important purpose in collectively making the PPP the premier practice protection plan in the country.

The National Advisory Board (NAB)

The National Advisory Board is made up of prominent dental professionals. A geographically diverse group with different areas of expertise, the NAB is committed to the enhancement of the national prominence of the Professional Protector Plan by providing input with respect to the needs and concerns of dentistry. The NAB works closely with PPP management, helping to develop risk management procedures and advising on coverage needs, new trends, developments, and related legislation.

The State Administrator Advisory Board (SAAB)

The State Administrator Advisory Board brings the concerns of both the insurance professional and the insured dentists to the PPP. The SAAB assists in keeping the program focused on its national scope while responding to local issues. The SAAB acts as a conduit for information to and from the full group of State Administrators, including coverage enhancements and suggestions