June 15, 2020

New Faces at the PPP: Ryan Kramer

Author : Nishit Kawane

We are excited to welcome our new E&S Production Underwriter, William (Ryan) Kramer, to the PPP Dental Team!

Ryan will primarily be responsible for writing new business in the E&S space from new and existing clients. He will also maintain contact with carrier underwriting personnel and maintain internal guidelines.

Ryan is a recent graduate from Auburn University. He majored in Chemical Engineering (Biomedical Engineering Specialty) and a Business Minor with a Sales Concentration. If you would ask Ryan how to describe Auburn, he would say the university is built on tradition and family. Over the past few years, Ryan’s favorite tradition in Auburn was rolling Toomer’s Corner after a win/celebration.

You may remember Ryan from last summer, when was an intern at Brown & Brown, Inc. Ryan realized the insurance industry was a challenging and competitive market during his internship. His background in engineering taught him to go after the challenge and be competitive.

Ryan spends his free time going for runs, trying coffee at local shops, and trying new food at restaurants – especially the desserts. Interestingly, all of the men in his family have names that start with the letter “W”. Ryan’s first name is actually William and he is the fourth generation to have a “W” in his first name. Ryan called Auburn his home for many years, but is excited to live and start his life in Tampa, Florida.

You can reach Ryan at [email protected]. For more information about PPP Specialty Lines, please visit the Products page.