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Mission of Mercy

Mission of Mercy (MOM) events have been taking place across the nation since 2000 with the intention of increasing awareness for oral health and providing care to underserved and low socio-economic areas.  The first MOM event was held in Virginia and funded with $36,000.   To date, 25 states are planning to hold, or have held, a MOM event and nearly $50 million dollars in free services have been donated to care for over 100,000 patients.  Some states hold more than one MOM event in a year in different locations throughout their state.

The Professional Protector Plan and our local agents are dedicated to giving back to the dental community. Since 2012, we have been traveling across the country to volunteer alongside dentists to help provide quality care and comfort to those in need of dental treatment. We are excited to expand our involvement with this great cause and look forward to attending more MOM events in the coming years. Check back here often for more pictures and updates so you can see which mission we are off to next!

Mission of Mercy Photo Gallery (for more photos please visit our Facebook page)

Why We Care

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The Experience

  • What a wonderful event the dental organizations are putting together. To be able to touch the lives of so many people is truly incredible. The need for dental care is great and the the health benefits of receiving proper dental care stretch far beyond the mouth. Volunteering at the events was such a great opportunity and allowed us to get to know the local community. Those that received care were so thankful and those that volunteered were left with a great feeling of helping someone in need. I was so glad to be a part of the Missions of Mercy 2012 and look forward to attending in 2013.

    Kristin Garrison, National Marketing Manager -

  • I attended both the Southern Maryland Mission of Mercy event and the Wisconsin Mission of Mercy Event, with the PPP team.  It was an honor and a privilege  to serve side by side with our State Administrators, our insured dentists in their communities and helping so many people in desperate need of dental care. 

    Amanda McGuire, Underwriter -

  • Participating in a Mission of Mercy (MOM) event as a volunteer is truly a rewarding experience. The need for dental care today is overwhelming and by attending these events you, as a volunteer, may help alleviate the self-consciousness and discomfort of the patients who wait in line for hours to receive treatment. The patients leave the events feeling so much better about themselves and you know you were part of something life changing for some of them. 

    Robyn Renner, Executive Assistant -

  • Having the opportunity to touch and impact communities nationwide is such an honor and we are privileged to be a part of such a remarkable cause. 

    Ashley Lacourse, Underwriter Technician -

  • For me, the experience at the MOM event in Nebraska was heartwarming. Just to see a smile on someone’s face once they received treatment was a memory I will carry with me for a lifetime. I would do it all over again knowing that there is that much kindness and appreciation during such a wonderful event.

    Holly Miller, Underwriter -

  • Volunteering for the AZ MOM event was an amazing and gratifying experience. I conducted the exit interviews, which allowed me the opportunity to speak with the patients after they received their dental care. They expressed their gratitude, shared their stories and complimented the dentist/staff on their professionalism. It was wonderful to hear how this event has made an impact on them and witness our insured’s, carrier and PPP staffing coming together for a wonderful event.

    Marie Torres, Underwriter -

  • Missions of Mercy is an awesome event that helps bring communities together whether large or small to help those in need of dental care.  Volunteering for this event has been a great experience and I am happy to be a part of it.   Seeing first hand, communities coming together and taking care of each other, I am thankful that I was given this opportunity to be a part of this cause.

    Jennifer Fieger, Marketing Representative -