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Workers’ Comp Hartford Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Hartford

The Professional Protector Plan through our partnership with The Hartford, offers a competitive nationwide Workers’ Compensation program for dental offices and laboratories. Experienced claims management adjusters go to work for you the moment an injury is reported to ensure benefits are paid on time and your workers are treated with respect. The Hartford has a specialized network of medical professionals to ensure quality treatment at reasonable costs.

Workers Compensation insurance provides coverage for the statutory obligation of an employer to provide benefits for employees as required by Workers Compensation Law or Occupation Disease Law in your state. Some of these benefits include medical expenses, physical therapy, job retraining and loss of wages due to a work related accident. The dentist can also elect to be included or excluded from coverage.

Unlike Part One, Employer’s Liability protects you for sums you legally must pay as damages because of bodily injury by an accident or disease. The damages paid, where recovery is permitted by law, include damages:

For which you are liable to a third party

For consequential bodily injury to a spouse, child, parent, brother, or sister of the injured employee

For care and loss of services

This program is designed to provide financial reimbursement to dentists who pay for blood tests performed on patients when there is an accidental needle stick to an employee, during the patient’s dental treatment.


This policy is available in most states except Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.